Amazon sparks accusations of racism for selling 'Ten Little N****r Boys' book

Online retailer Amazon UK has sparked outrage for selling an old book by Agatha Christie called Ten Little N****r Boys.

The book is listed by seller hesseloldbooks, is priced at £248.90 and is labelled as ‘collectible’.

The story was originally published in 1939, before it was re-released with a different name, And Then There Were None. But the copy of the book with the original name is currently available to buy on Amazon’s UK website.

Lawyer, political and women’s rights activist, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, tweeted her disgust at discovering the title on the website, calling the book ‘racist’ and ‘offensive’ and accusing Amazon of ‘profiting on oppression of Black people and enabling racism,’

‘I’m livid but NOT surprised at lack of racial sensitivity of global organisations owned/run by #whiteprivilege,’ she continued.

Shola tweeted screenshots of other titles currently available to purchase on Amazon UK, including; ‘The Little German N****r Girl’, ‘Destroy All N*****s’ and ‘Ten Little N****r Boys and Ten Little N****r Girls’.

‘Written in 1939 takes its title from a nursery rhyme. Needs to be pulled! What are they thinking?’ commented one.

‘I didn’t know this existed! This is horrible! I can’t believe its still acceptable to be so openly racist! How can racism be tackled if it’s advertised as educational,’ wrote another.

‘Anti-racism should always be more important than profit,’ added someone else.

A spokesperson from Amazon responded by saying they believe ‘providing access to the written word is important.’

They told ‘We are mindful of the global history of censorship and do not take such decisions lightly. Our store maintains content guidelines, which address content that is illegal or infringing.

‘We remove products that do not adhere to our guidelines and when a concern is raised we promptly investigate it.’

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