What if Keanu Reeves were your boyfriend? A new book investigates

What if Keanu Reeves were really your boyfriend? A new book featuring hilarious commentary and gorgeous illustrations investigates what life might look like.

Written by Marisa Polansky, If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend: The Man, The Myth, The WHOA! contains biographical information as well as illustrated quotes straight from the internet’s boyfriend’s mouth. The book features original art by a quartet of artists: author-illustrators Mary Kate McDevitt (Every Day Is Epic) and Jay Roeder (100 Days of Lettering), as well as tattoo artist Veronica Chen and art director and mural painter Dirty Bandits (a.k.a. Annica Lydenberg).

EW has an exclusive preview of the book, which you can see below. Each spread features a different artist’s work, as well as some kernel of Keanu wisdom. And be sure to check out the cover (art by Roeder) above. Let the Keanussance continue. If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend publishes Nov. 26 and is available for pre-order.

Excerpt from If Keanu Were Your Boyfriend, by Marisa Polansky

Illustration by Veronica Chen

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Illustration by Mary Kate McDevitt

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Illustration by Jay Roeder

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Illustration by Dirty Bandits

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