50 Cent Challenged To A Fight By Boxer Adrien Broner After Rapper Blocks Him On Social Media

50 Cent is at it again. The rapper’s latest Instagram beef is with Adrien Broner, who he claims lost him money! As a result, 50 blocked Adrien on social media, and now the pro boxer is threatening to ‘rumble’ if 50 doesn’t return his calls.

50 Cent, 43, and Adrien Broner, 29, went at it on social media on June 17. The pro boxer went public with their feud after he noticed that 50 blocked him on Instagram. “50 Cent you blocked me n—a. I need to borrow a million punk a– n—a call me,” Adrien wrote in a black and white note he shared to his Instagram page. He captioned the message with a fight proposal, writing, “Hit me up n—a or when I see you we go Rumble”.

The rapper then reposted Adrien’s message to his Instagram page with this fiery response: “F–k you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on the fight. 😠 Yeah I blocked your a– because you f–king up the money.” 50 then commented under his repost and gave Adrien a deadline of sorts. “IM STARTING TO FEEL LIKE YOU OWE ME AB. So have something for me by Monday,” he wrote.

Soon after, Adrien hit back with a few middle finger emojis, and a “f–k you too” response directed right at 50, along with an invitation to brawl. “We can fight to solve our differences,” Adrien wrote in a second black and white note. As for how serious the IG back-and-forth was? — That remains unclear as the two cut the chatter, cold turkey after that. However, we’re sure it’s not the last we’ve heard of 50, who’s known for his outspoken IG behavior.

What is also unclear is 50’s comment about how Adrien “made” him lose money on a past fight. Then again, it could have been about that time Adrien lost a fight to Manny Pacquiao back in January. 50 was particularly gunning for Adrien to win, so, maybe he lost a bet.

Ahead of the fight, 50 shared a photo of Manny and Adrien on Instagram, with an encouraging message to Adrien to come out victorious. “Come on AB go to work you gotta win this one man,” 50 wrote in a post last November. “No f–king around now this is it. If I lost my money f–king wit you, I’m calling you every name I can think of,” he continued, adding, “positive vibes.”

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