Abby Huntsman: ‘The View’ Co-Host & Husband Welcome Twins — Congrats

It’s official! Abby Huntsman and her husband Jeffrey Livingston now have three little ones at home under 18 months. ‘The View’ co-host gave birth to a boy and a girl!

Abby Huntsman, 33, and Jeffrey Livingston can say goodbye to their old lives and hello to their new normal, because nothing is going to be the same for the couple after welcoming their beautiful twins! The newborns — daughter Ruby Kate and son William Jeffrey — arrived late on Wednesday, June 5 in New York, People confirmed in their latest issue, which featured photos of the happy family. “Ruby came first at 5 lbs., 12 oz. She is a sweet, very calm baby,” Abby told the magazine. “William is 5 lbs., 4 oz., and came into the world wide-eyed and ready to raise havoc,” she joked, adding, “Both babies are long like their parents — 19 inches.” The View host gave birth to the couple’s first child, daughter Isabel Grace, 1, in 2017, meaning they now have three babies all under a year and a half.

And when the couple announced that they were expecting in January, Abby wasn’t ashamed to ask for help. “Thank you for all the well wishes!!” she said to her Instagram followers. “We are so excited/anxious/overwhelmed…what life is all about. Any helpful tips and advice welcomed.” Of course, the comments section of her post was flooded with smart steps for Abby and Jeffrey to prepare for their second and third babies. Now that the precious bundles of joy are here, we bet the two are getting lots of help from friends and family, too. Transitioning into this next step with their newborn boy and girl won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Just think about how cute Abby and Jeffrey’s eldest daughter is! With her warm smile and chubby cheeks, she’s such a doll — and she’ll be a great older sister once she gets used to having two sibs around the house. Or, should we say, Manhattan apartment.

But for now, we’re wishing Abby and Jeffrey all of the sleep they can get. Congratulations to the cute couple and their even cuter family! Here’s to them and their growing brood!

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