Alan Carr 'lucky to be alive' after drunken skinny-dipping moment

Alan Carr is ‘lucky to be alive’ after a drunken skinny-dip in Hawaii.

The 44-year-old comedy star could easily have become shark bait when he went for a midnight swim in shark-infested waters during a boozy getaway to Maui.

Speaking on the Life’s A Beach podcast, he recalled: ‘This was back when I was drinking a lot. I went to Maui and I ended up skinny-dipping. Of course, I tell the waitress over breakfast, “Guess what I did last night? I skinny-dipped!”

‘Her face went white. She went, “What? In that bay? There are so many tiger sharks down there.” I’m so lucky to be alive.’

However, the experience hasn’t put the Epic Gameshow star off visiting the Hawaiian island as he can’t get enough of the tropical landscapes.

He added: ‘I love it there. The Hana Highway is just this winding road that goes through all these lush tropical landscapes and there’s waterfalls and everything, we love it.’

Alan stopped drinking in 2018 in support of his teetotal husband Paul Drayton, and Alan now only has a glass of wine on special occasions.

He said: ‘I like eating and drinking, but it was ridiculous before – we were cracking open a bottle of Rose because it was a Monday. We were out of control. It was a laugh, but looking at Paul, sometimes the party has to stop.

‘I enjoy a drink and I have it on special occasions now, it’s a real treat for me.’

Although the coronavirus lockdown has tempted Paul to start drinking again, Alan is proud of his husband for staying sober.

He continued: ‘It’s been tough for Paul during lockdown. He’s been saying, “Oh, shall we get a bottle?” and I say, “No, we’re not getting any rose wine in.” He’s been so good and I’m so proud of him.’

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