Anna Duggar to Counting On Fans: Stop Talking About My Baby Bump!

As we reported last week, it looks as though Anna Duggar is pregnant with her seventh child.

However, the Duggars have yet to make any sort of public announcement on the subject.

In fact, for reasons that remain unclear, they’re being unusually secretive about their potential bundle of joy.

But that doesn’t mean the rumors about Anna’s pregnancy are without merit.

Word started to spread on social media as a result of a video that Jessa Duggar posted of a recent birthday celebration for her 4-year-old son Henry.

Many who viewed the clip felt that Anna appeared to be pregnant.

Their suspicions seemed to be confirmed when Jessa abruptly deleted the video (screen shot below).

As several commenters pointed out, Jessa has never deleted a video from her Instagram page before.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that so many jumped to the conclusion that Anna is attempting to conceal her pregnancy.

It’s unlike the Duggars to keep a pregnancy under wraps, but they might have unique reasons to keep mum on their latest “blessing.”

For starters, when Anna announced her sixth pregnancy, the reaction from the public was somewhat less than ecstatic.

After all, this is a woman who’s married to a known sex offender.

It’s only natural that many would be repulsed by the idea of her bringing more children into their home, especially since Josh’s victims were primarily young people.

But the fact remains that we don’t know for sure if Anna is pregnant.

And a large and increasingly vocal group thinks that those who have jumped to conclusions are being unfair and engaging in a form of body shaming.

“She may have just put on weight, after 6 pregnancies her stomach muscles will be loose and she could look pregnant though she’s not,” one fan commented on a recent Facebook post about the situation.

“Anna’s had six kids and she’s not young anymore,” another wrote.

“She’s going to start having issues losing the baby weight … It’s rude to assume Anna’s six months pregnant just because of an unflattering angle.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s pregnant … But I agree that people can absolutely look super pregnant when they aren’t,” a third chimed in.

We feel compelled to point out that there many reasons that Anna might have “looked pregnant” in the very brief video that Jessa posted on Instagram.

She could have been the victim of an ill-fitting shirt or a bad angle.

Whatever the case, it can’t feel good to go online and see a bunch of strangers informing you that you look pregnant.

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But at the same time, it makes sense that fans have remained so curious about Josh and Anna’s .

In recent months, they’ve fallen on hard times and are currently living in a windowless warehouse on Jim Bob’s property.

On top of that, Josh has remained the most controversial of all Duggars, and many fans simply can’t fathom why Anna has chosen to remain married to Josh.

So if a bign announcement is on the way, you can be sure it will receive the same mixed response as the last one.

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