Anne Hathaway & Tom Hiddleston step out separately at a Broadway opening

Here are some photos from last night’s Broadway opening event for Sea Wall/A Life at the Hudson Theater in New York. Anne Hathaway was there to support friends, I assume, and she looked stunning, glowing and lovely. Annie is quite pregnant these days, to the point where designers have to make special looks for her growing bump. That’s what Brandon Maxwell did – he customized this dress just for Anne. The cut-outs on a maternity dress… usually I’m not a fan of cut-out generally, but this is a very cool maternity look. Anne looks amazing.

As I was looking through the photos from the event, I also spied some pics of Tom Hiddleston. Tom and Anne at the same event! It’s a TWEE-OFF! No, I jest, I don’t think Anne is still twee (Tom might be though). Tom is in New York these days because he’s about to open in Betrayal on Broadway too. He came to this opening with his Betrayal costars, Charlie Cox and Zawe Ashton. *insert sideeye emoji*

Incidentally, Anne recently discussed her “Mommy Brain” which is actually a real, scientific thing. Anne recently told reporters that she’s “genuinely” suffering from Mommy Brain and: “I don’t remember what I say from minute to minute… I can focus on certain things that are fine, but there are certain things my brain just.…it refuses to allow me to imagine directions, so if you describe something, shapes or you spell something, I can’t go there. And certain words I have a hard time recalling, so I become that spinny wheel of death on your computer in conversation with me. And I feel I’m very taxing for people to be around.” LOL. You literally can’t say “make a U-turn here” because she’ll just sit in traffic, thinking “what shape is a ‘U’?”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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