ANOTHER Artist Accuses Miley Cyrus Of Ripping Off Her Erotic Concept!

First, Miley Cyrus was accused of ripping off a cake artist. Now, she’s being denounced for stealing sensual fruit videos, too!

The controversy centers around the NSFW videos posted by the 26-year-old songstress that show her seductively fingering fruit as an appetizer promo for her recently released She Is Coming EP and upcoming She Is Miley Cyrus album. The teasers have some calling her out for copying the concept from an erotic artist.

Stephanie Sarley has been sharing NSFW videos (as seen below) simulating pleasure on various pieces of fruit since 2016:

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Meanwhile, here’s one of the videos Miz Cyrus shared to Instagram on June 3:

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Cyrus’ sexy post has numerous comments calling her out for theft of Sarley’s brand:

“Stolen from @stephanie_sarley u owe her $$$$”

“Ummmm maybe give some credit to @stephanie_sarley”

“As soon I saw this I this @stephanie_sarley, is she working with Miley? But no, sadly, she Stephanie was clearly ripped off.”

“My comments keep getting deleted… I wonder why??? I know why, because @mileycyrus copied @stephanie_sarley”

Many additional comments on IG and across social media are calling out the Black Mirror actress for being hypocritical, as she promotes feminism while simultaneously plagiarizing works of art done by other women without any credit or compensation.

Now, the foodstagrammer is firing back against being “ripped off” by the Adore You songstress. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, she expressed how “disgusted” she feels:

“She looks lame as hell carbon copying me, looking like a doppelgänger when she’s a gigantic pop star, and I’m out here as a real artist working at this shit every day with visibility and working for years building my art following and having faced adversity over it. It’s painful to see your actual art and expressions and concepts just completely plagiarized. Just for money. For clout. It’s jaw-dropping. You think, Why me? It makes you sick inside.”

The Berkeley, California based artist expressed that she is “upset with the industry,” and what Cyrus has done directly chips away at livelihood and ability to feel creative openness at times while dealing with it.”

Stephanie continued:

“This is a systemic problem where creative teams are robbing artists of their work for quick cash. Like it’s not already hard enough for artists to find their way.”

As of this writing, Cyrus and her team have yet to respond to the claims made by Sarley or acknowledge the similarities between the videos.

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