Bankroll Freddie Responds to Backlash After Claiming It Took Him 27 Years to Drink Water

Many online users express their disgust after the ‘Drop Like Dis’ rapper reveals that he used to hate water and it took him 27 years to finally start drinking water.

AceShowbizBankroll Freddie has set the record straight. Having drawn backlash for claiming that it took him 27 years to finally drink water, the “Drop Like Dis” rapper responded to the criticism and explained what he meant behind his statement.

The emcee, born Freddie Gladney III, first sparked chatter after he wrote on Instagram Story, “Can’t believe it took me 27 years to start drinking water.” He went on saying, “I [used] to hate water fr I couldn’t drink for [nothing] in this world… It actually makes me feel better for real.”

After the post was reshared by some gossip accounts on Instagram, many assumed that Freddie lied about his claim. “Bro what.. that don’t even make sense,” one person argued, with another commenting, “Biggest [cap] I have ever heard.” A third commented, “Aint no way he didnt drink water for 30 years.” Someone else then questioned, “The f**k was this n***a drinking? How is he even a live lmao.”

Some others, on the other hand, felt disgusted by Freddie’s revelation. “I know his pee so yellow ewwww,” one user opined. A different individual, meanwhile, penned, “ik his pee stank and that nut tastes tangy and horrible, my God Bankroll. you shoulda just kept that to yaself baby. too fine for that smfh.”

Having caught wind of the criticism, the “Pop It” spitter offered his clarification via SaycheeseTV. “Bruh I Ain’t Never Drunk No Water Like That I Hate It All I Drink Is Gatorades Juices & Pops I Just Ain’t Like Water S**t Ain’t Got No Taste. But I Eat All My Fruits & Vegetables Soo I’m Good,” he elaborated.

Not stopping there, Freddie also assured trolls that he is probably “One Of The Cleanest N***as In The World.” He further stressed on Instagram Story, “Bruh No Cap Hygiene Everythang To Me Ion Even Play Like That Ma & Pops Raised Right Ya Feel Me Mama Always Told Me Keep Your S**t Together You Dont Want Nobody Talking About You Soo Ayee I Always Stayed On Top Of My Business!!!!!!”

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