Ben Fogle brands social media ‘toxic’ after removing a snap of his children ahead of trip

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New Lives In The Wild star Ben Fogle, 47, has taken to Instagram to thank his followers for their messages after he took down a picture of his children and branded social media “unhealthy.” Just hours before, the broadcaster had posted a picture of his two children ahead of their expedition to the Inner Hebrides, revealing that the moment made him “burst with pride” and also led him to become “teary.”

My gut is telling me that social media, in all her forms, is becoming an increasingly unhealthy, toxic place

Ben Fogle

Days ago, the father-of-two posted a sweet snap of his children Ludo, 11, and daughter Iona, 10 at Euston station waiting to board a train to Scotland.

The proud dad revealed that his offspring, who he shares with wife Marina, were heading on an adventure to the Inner Hebrides for a week and would not be taking phones, tablets, computer games or any other form of electronic entertainment.

Standing in the station, his children grinned from ear to ear as they posed for the snap, clearly ecstatic before their impending trip.

However, less than two days later the picture had disappeared from the adventurer’s feed.

Instead, the TV host posted a snap of himself with a beautiful sunset in the background and started a conversation with his followers over how they perceive social media.

He wrote: “I try to make decisions based on a mix of knowledge, advice and instinct.

“My gut is telling me that social media, in all her forms, is becoming an increasingly unhealthy, toxic place with diminishing returns for mental well-being BUT my experience has also shown me that it can be a thoughtful, kind place for learning, sharing and communicating.”

Ben went on to confess that he found leaving Twitter to be freeing after he found spending time on social media to be “unhealthy.”

He said: “Leaving Twitter was like a great weight off my shoulders.”

The former Castaway contestant added that despite social media’s “wonderful” advantages, the simplest of sentences can easily become misconstrued.

“I embraced social media as a wonderful place for two way interactions with you all but experience has also shown that the simplicity of a photo or a sentence can lead to misunderstanding, misinterpretation and knee jerk reaction,” Ben continued.

“Nuance and rational debate are often lost in brevity. My question to you, is it worth it? Do the pros outweigh the cons?” he added, before asking his followers for their thoughts and signing off with “love and kindness”.

In a following post, Ben posted a sweet snap of two of his newborn puppies and thanked his fans for their messages.

“Thanks for all your thoughtful responses yesterday. Here are some puppies. Love and licks,” he wrote.

Addressing his children’s solo adventure, Ben’s now-deleted snap on Instagram showed his children at London Euston station with their bags packed, containing all the essentials.

In the picture caption, Ben wrote: “I am bursting with pride as Ludo and Iona head off on their first big island adventure together to the Inner Hebrides.

When I was eight years old, I went on a trip to the island of Eigg (a visit that would change my life) and now these two are off with their adventure club and some friends on their own island expedition.

“I was quite teary as I waved my young explorers off.”

The New Lives in the Wild star sees the expedition as an exciting opportunity for Ludo and Iona’s development.

He told “I think it’s about resilience, and resourcefulness. They’re on their own, I can’t do their laces, I can’t ask if they’ve brushed their teeth, or ask them to change their clothes if they’re all muddy.” has contacted Ben’s representatives for comment.

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