Body Language Expert Noticed Something Off About Brad Pitt At The Oscars

When you tune in to the Academy Awards, you expect to see stars on their A-game. After all, this is their time to shine. They work hard all year to promote their film projects, and it all culminates into a single night of glitz, glamour, and of course, recognition. So, when one of Hollywood’s most famous seems a little bit off, it’s pretty noticeable.

Brad Pitt is no stranger to the Oscars, but tonight, he didn’t seem to be totally himself. Though he had an adorable exchange when presenting “Minari” actress Youn Yuh-jung as the Best Supporting Actress winner, he seemed to lack energy and even to be a little distracted. He also didn’t offer to help her on and off the stage, which drew attention from viewers. Actor LeVar Burton called Pitt out on Twitter, though several other fans commented that his distance was likely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Perhaps Pitt’s overall demeanor was because this year’s ceremony looked quite different than usual, with a much smaller crowd and socially distanced tables? Read on for a body language expert’s insight into the actor’s mysterious behavior. 

Brad Pitt appeared to be distracted

Body language expert Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach, shares her thoughts on Brad Pitt’s behavior exclusively with The List. “Nothing about Brad Pitt seemed like he was on his A game,” Cohen says. “The little we saw when he presented was underwhelming and lacked his normal star power. Let’s see if that changes as the night unfolds. He was fidgeting his fingers holding the paper.”

Cohen also theorizes that Pitt was trying to focus. “Brad Pitt’s fidgeting was possibly distraction,” she continues. “Very often fidgeting is a way to try to force oneself to refocus attention and his mind at that moment as possibly just on something else (would love to know what!). He usually glows with star quality but tonight he was a bit more dull. The cameras kept even cutting out from him which is also not the norm. Pitt was more glossy-eyed compared to normal.”

We may never know the real reason behind Pitt’s behavior tonight, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him.

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