Cardi B on the multiple charges she’s facing: ‘I ain’t going to jail, I got a daughter’

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Day before summer jam.

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Day before summer jam.

As we discussed this weekend, Cardi B is facing multiple charges stemming from a strip club melee back in August 2018. Cardi was less than two months postpartum when she get into a fight with two (female) bartenders who may or may not have slept with Cardi’s husband Offset. I lamented Cardi’s bad picker but everybody else was like “she made the decision to beat up some side-chicks!” and yeah… both things can be true. I just wish Cardi made better and healthier choices overall – she’s one of the most popular and accomplished women in music today, and she’s doing it all now with a baby girl who is not even one year old. And because of Baby Kulture, Cardi apparently thinks that she’s untouchable. Or something?

Cardi B — who was indicted by a Queens grand jury on Friday — assured fans at an LA concert the next night, “I ain’t going to jail!” The gig was part of the weekend-long BET Experience fest that led up to Sunday night’s televised BET Awards.

“F - - k you mean? I ain’t going to jail, I got a daughter!” the Bronx rapper defiantly exclaimed. She reportedly faces two felony charges of attempted assault plus additional misdemeanor charges, stemming from a wild brawl last year at a Queens strip club, where she allegedly roughed up two bartenders.

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I can confirm that mothers get sent to jail all the time. Did Cardi never f–king watch Orange Is the New Black? Does she really think being famous and being a mom means that no one will send her to jail? What is this, Lori Loughlin Syndrome? The other way to look at Cardi’s words is that… she’ll do anything to get out of these charges because she’s got a daughter. Hopefully there’s still some sort of plea deal with community service on the table. Hopefully Cardi will free herself of Offset too at some point.

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