Carol Vorderman takes on dating tips as she talks being a ‘bad girlfriend’ in cryptic move

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Former Countdown legend Carol Vorderman, 59, discussed dating with her radio co-host on her self-titled show to mark National Boyfriend Day. During the episode, she said she has been a “bad girlfriend” and had been told she is “too independent” and isn’t romantic enough by love interests in the past. Her admission came as the presenters encouraged listeners to send in their good or bad dating stories to mark the national day.

Sharing her thoughts on the topic, she said: “I’m saying boyfriends can come at all ages, they don’t have to be young or maybe they do. I don’t know.

“I’d like your opinions on all on this.”

Her co-star then chipped in: “You might have several Carol?”

“One might have all at the same time,” she cryptically replied laughing, before swiftly moving on.

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Carol went on to say she has been a “very bad girlfriend” and is “terrible” at dating, which seemingly surprised her co-star.

He replied: “I’ll change that Carol by the end of the show.”

The pair then discussed some dating tips for any listeners who may be struggling, however Carol admitted she didn’t have any.

She turned to her co-star and said: “Can I get some dating tips please because I’m still on number one here.”

Carol’s radio sidekick went on to say a good dating tip is “the element of surprise”.

Expressing her excitement about the idea, she divulged: “I love element of surprise! We all like surprises, some might not.

“I’m writing that as my number one, I’m so rubbish.”

She then joked: “Can I be your boyfriend?! I’d really like that, those are the sort of things that I really like.

“’Get a bag packed and I’m not telling you anymore’.”

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The mother-of-two went on to reveal some of the things she had been told by previous love interests.

She revealed: “The number of boyfriends that have gone, ‘You’re not romantic you, are you? [or] ‘You’re too independent’.”

“Like that’s a problem,” Carol added, querying the comments.

Last month, the twice married star said she has “special friends” but isn’t dating.

She divulged: “Im very happy, I have no complaints.

“I am not dating anyone, I have special friends. Special friends. Plural,” she added to the Mail online.

Carol tied the knot with her first husband Christopher Mather in 1985 and divorced a year later.

She has two children with her second spouse Patrick King, who she split with after 10 years of marriage in 2000.

The presenter has since vowed she will not marry again and is happy being single.

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