Charles and William’s unity ‘shows Royal stability as Queen scales back’

The world has seen a lot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall in recent weeks.

Between their glamorous group photo at last month's Bond premier and their recent outings at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, the two Royal couples have been dubbed the new 'fab four' by Royal watchers.

Both Prince Charles and his son Prince William delivered powerful speeches in Glasgow last week as world leaders gathered to discuss a plan of action to combat climate change, while their wives – Kate Middleton and Duchess Camilla – were also on hand to offer support.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the couples are putting on a united front in order to show the monarchy's stability amidst worries about the Queen's health.

The monarch spent some time in hospital recently for tests and was forced to cancel visits to Ireland and Glasgow after doctors' orders to rest.

Royal author Katie says there has been an effort to "show there is unity at the heart of the royal family" through the couples recent outings together.

She adds: "This unity is happening a time when there has been a lot of discord and fragmentation, and to really show the top tier of working royals.

"What you're seeing in this fab four is the future of the House Of Windsor, in a very clear and deliberate image."

Katie continues: "This is the future, the succession – we will have King Charles and Queen Camilla, more likely than not, and then King William and Queen Catherine.

"So they are presenting unity, succession and a great deal of optimism and positivity for the future of the royal family."

The royal expert adds that the quartet are "coming out in force to support the Queen."

She continues: "We are certainly going to see more of that as the Queen is now scaling back engagements.

"As she recovers and rests on the advice of doctors.

"It is down to the people who she refers to as 'my substitutes' to step up to the plate.

"We know there is an extensive list of substitutes on the bench."

Katie adds: "You've got the Wessexes, Princess Royal, but really what is interesting is that when it comes to these key events, it is the fab four who we are seeing. They look increasingly close and confident and very much as a team. You really get the impression this is team Windsor."

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