Checking in on Broadway now that Memorial Day is in the past

With the holiday now kaput, the newest now is everybody who’s anybody in theater is doing everything. Kelli O’Hara’s leaving America. To Japan. Four weeks of “The King and I,” which is about Thailand . . . LAURIE Metcalf, not unemployed since age 11, is already set for B’way next season. A “Virginia Woolf” revival.

And there are those handling glitches. “Tootsie” Tootsie Santino Fontana — who saw Dustin Hoffman’s original film as a kid then rewatched it before this show opened: “Always, something goes wrong. Like the closet wouldn’t close for my quick change. I slammed it. Wouldn’t close. So I announced ‘the door must close.’ Finally it did.”

Once, when “The Prom’s” Beth Leavel couldn’t produce her next line, she says: “To not go through that again, I’d rather suck out my eyeballs.”

Bits & pieces

James Earl Jones’ son, Flynn, inherited Daddy’s voice. Flynn’s audiobook of Donald Bogle’s “Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams,” out this week, spans 60 years of black Hollywood . . . Hudson Yards’ the Shed soon zaps Grand Dame of culture Lincoln Center’s black-tie events. Barring Stephen Sondheim’s wardrobe, Björk’s SRO Cornucopia crowd did sneakers, tees, jeans, shorts, freak hair. And Björk’s once-upon-a-white feathered swan shmatta is currently on view at the Met while she, at the Shed, was superdressed in short skirt and white baseball shoulders.

My Memorial Day blues

Lest anyone might care to share another’s Memorial Day happiness, here’s mine: A new screen from my living room door to my terrace fell down, the refrigerator light in my newly refurbished 2-month-old refrigerator went off, the banquette at my breakfast table fell down and a maybe 2-month-old bright red kitchen sink’s red faucet fell down into the sink.

My housekeeper’s home ill. All this while I have a houseguest. Plus, due to the rain, a big black ant and its relatives decided to saunter indoors, where it’s dry, and visit me.

And a happy holiday to you, too.

Film fest upon us

Greenwich International Film Festival kicks off Year 5 Wednesday. Showing 50 films through June 2. Giving Eva Longoria “The Changemaker Award” or something. Will have Kathie Lee Gifford as master of ceremonies. Will be at wherever’s L’Escale Restaurant. More I cannot tell you, more I do not know.

All in good fun at the Y

Nathan Lane about last week’s 92nd Street Y appearance: “This night was a gala. Different entertainment in different rooms. I’d not been informed 50 people would be actually eating dinner at long dining room tables with gigantic candelabras on each while I’m talking. They looked as surprised as I was to see them mid-chew.

“This appeared like a murder mystery theme restaurant, where you have to figure out who killed the maitre d’. Also the candelabras made it look like a Liberace memorial. Sitting behind them, they could barely see me. The crowd laughed through the whole thing. They knew I was joking.

“The good news? The Y raised lots of money for their wonderful organization.”

Please pay attention

Hollywood producer Michael Tadross in the Hamptons making the new “Sesame Street” movie with Anne Hathaway. He spent over $1 mil renovating one nightclub — which, I’m told, is the catering budget on many of his films . . . EIGHTEEN works of James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s from 1858 to 1859 — he was born in Massachusetts, educated at West Point — will be on display at the Frick.

So, listen, even for those of us who got income tax extensions, in the immortal words of Irving Nostradamus: Let paid accountants — not your high school math teachers — be your guide.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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