Claudia Conway Trolls Kellyanne, Blames Her 'Army' for Attempted Coup

Kellyanne Conway should accept some responsibility for the violence in the Capitol … at least according to her daughter, who’s trolling her over the attempted coup and the Senate runoff in Georgia.

16-year-old Claudia Conway went to her favorite platform — TikTok — to air some family grievances Wednesday … but really, it was about spiking the football on her mom and the Republican Party.

Claudia asked her mom how she feels about President Trump‘s “army” resorting to rioting. Claudia compares the coup to last summer’s protests, which she says her mom didn’t want her to join.

She also took a swipe at Kellyanne for campaigning in Georgia for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who ended up losing. Claudia’s far from the high road here, as she hit her mom with a Mitch McConnell joke. Too soon???

The Conway household is a pretty interesting dynamic … Claudia says she can’t find her mom in the house, so she’s using TikTok as a conversation starter.

As you know, Claudia’s beefed with her mom on social media before … including this infamous exchange about COVID.

So much for Kellyanne’s home-court advantage.

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