David Beckham slept against son’s bedroom door fearing burglars would break in

David Beckham has recalled how he slept with his head against his newborn son Brooklyn’s bedroom door because he feared burglars would break in and hurt him.

The former football star said fatherhood had changed him “in so many different ways” but that he would never stop worrying about his children.

Beckham, who is married to fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, is father to sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, and Cruz, 14, and daughter Harper, seven.

The 44-year-old stressed the importance of being a present parent during a conversation with his father, Ted, to mark Father’s Day.

Beckham said: “When you actually become a parent, it changes you in so many different ways.

“I remember the moment when Brooklyn was born, I slept with my head against the door because I was so worried that someone was going to come in.

“I don’t think that ever changes, you always worry about them.”

His father replied: “That’s a part of being parents. What I’m chuffed about with your boys is how polite they are.”

Beckham said: “The thing that is important to me is being present with them. When I’m home (it) is taking them to school every morning.”

The former footballer also praised his father for being there during his formative years.

He said: “The moment I got home from school, I’d turn around to you and say: ‘Let’s go to the park or let’s go out in the garden’. And you never said no to me.”

The pair were speaking at The Lore Of The Land pub in Fitzrovia, London, for Haig Club whisky.

The video is the first in a series of short films celebrating fatherhood, launched as part of Haig Club’s Make Your Own Rules campaign.

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