Duchess Meghan would be a good presidential candidate, says Pres. Biden’s sister

Remember when everyone swore up and down that George Clooney only married Amal because he needed someone smart and strategic on his arm when he ran for office? Yeah, Clooney’s not running for anything. Why would he when his power is best used behind the scenes? Which is exactly the same situation for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. She’s smart, she’s organized, she’s politically active… and none of that means that she will run for governor of California or president of the United States. This is all just some idiotic fiction cooked up by the British media. Speaking of, President Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens was being interviewed on Good Morning Britain and of course she was asked about Meghan! Is Meghan the first American woman Salt Islanders ever encountered? My God, Meghan lives in their heads rent free.

Valerie Biden Owens says Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, could go from Buckingham Palace to the White House, making for a good future presidential hopeful. Asked Tuesday during an interview on “Good Morning Britain” if the California-born former “Suits” star would make a “good potential candidate” for president, President Biden’s sister replied, “Yes, perhaps. Of course she will.”

“It’s wonderful to have women in politics,” Owens, who ran Biden’s Senate campaigns and served as a senior adviser on his presidential campaign, said. “The more women we have, the better our democratic system will work. A better point of view, a different point of view. We embrace all women and we welcome her to come in and join the Democratic Party.”

A spokesperson for Meghan didn’t immediately respond to ITK’s request for comment about Owens’s remarks.

[From The Hill]

So this is why there are twenty million British articles about how dare Meghan run for office, how dare an American woman be active in American politics, how dare Meghan – who did not say one f–king thing – launch her campaign for presidency by sending out Joe Biden’s sister on British television! Just waves and waves of bullsh-t. On Tuesday, the British media was more focused on this than the fact that the Queen skipped the opening of Parliament!

Joe Biden's sister and close advisor says Meghan Markle would 'make a good potential candidate' as the future US president. pic.twitter.com/2wWxI9yj4R

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) May 10, 2022

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