Ed Sheeran says he is ‘lucky to be alive’ following years of partying

Ed Sheeran has said that he is “lucky to be alive” after periods of intense partying.

The Bad Habits singer claimed he could have easily been robbed, kidnapped or even killed when he used to go on wild nights out by himself when touring around the world.

Despite his global success, the 30 year old admitted he didn’t have friends on tour to go out and his solo nights often took place while the singer, who is thought to be worth over £200 million, had no security or anyone to look out for him.

Now the superstar has left his party years behind him after marrying his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn, 29, and welcoming his first child with his wife in 2020.

Most A-listers only go out with an entourage, but Ed said: “I lived in America for a year.

"I didn’t have security and it was only me touring, and all my touring crew were like 50 and not wanting to go out. So I would finish a show and head out on my own.

“It was very reckless. I could have got robbed, kidnapped or anything.”

The singer has a distinctive look with his ginger locks and glasses and anyone could have spotted him. This “reckless period” of behaviour was during Ed’s tour across the states in 2013 with his second album X.

His new found fame also attracted a great deal of attention, especially from women, which was new to Ed after being unlucky with women during his teens.

Ed told the Halfcast podcast: “In terms of partying, in terms of dating, I’d say it was my reckless period.

“I was 22. I had a stutter when I was a kid, I had ginger hair, really big glasses and I was just a bit geeky, so girls were never, ever interested.

“Now I’ve had success, had my eyes lasered and lost some weight.”

Thankfully, the star made it through those late nights alone and began dating his now wife, Cherry, in 2015 at 24.

Since the birth of his daughter, Lyra, in August last year, Ed has also changed up his lifestyle and as a result lost five stone.

The multi-award winning singer revealed he cut back on alcohol, which made a drastic difference as he used to down 10 pints on a night out, before he rolled back home at 6am.

Ed’s new album, =, is his fifth consecutive number one album and Shivers is his latest number one single.

Yet, Ed was not able to celebrate the launch of his album – instead he slept through the release during his battle with Covid-19.

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