Elton John recalls suicide attempt after ‘catastrophic love affair'

Sir Elton John has revealed he once tried to take his own life decades ago after being completely ‘consumed’ by a romantic relationship.

The Candle In The Wind singer has opened up about his suicide attempt in his new memoir Me: Elton John, explaining that he was ‘probably’ involved in ‘some catastrophic love affair’.

In one chapter in the memoir, as serialised by the Daily Mail, Elton writes: ‘As well as taking drugs, my personal life had been, more or less, a disaster.

‘I didn’t pick them up so much as take them hostage.’

Elton, 72, went on to recall how he felt as though he was masking his true personality and feelings of insecurity, which left him ‘miserable’ behind-closed-doors.

‘I had been completely wrong when I thought that changing my name meant I’d changed as a person. I wasn’t Elton, I was Reg,’ the singer explained referring to his birth name Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

‘And Reg was still the same as he’d been 15 years ago, hiding in his bedroom while his parents fought: insecure and body-conscious and self-loathing. I didn’t want to go home to him at night. If I did, the misery could be all-consuming.’

According to Elton, he took a drug overdose one night while recording with his new band at Caribou studios but can’t recall what pushed him to try and take his own life.

He revealed: ‘I can’t remember what exactly prompted me to do that, although it was probably some catastrophic love affair gone wrong.’

Elton admits his relationships were intense but flippant as he’d eventually grow ‘bored’ and move onto another romance.

‘And after three or four months they’d end up resenting it, I’d end up getting bored with them, and it would end in tears. And then I’d get someone else to get rid of them for me and start again,’ he revealed.

Of course, the singer is now happily married to husband David Furnish and the couple share two sons, Zachary, eight, and Elijah, six.

Another of Elton’s suicide attempts in 1975 was depicted in his recent biopic, Rocketman, in which he was played by Taron Egerton.

Me: Elton John is out on 15 October.

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