Emmerdale’s Moira in ‘affair’ twist as Chas ‘works out’ steamy Nate reunion

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Moira Barton will end up in a sticky situation in next week's episodes.

As she tries to cover up the truth about Faith’s secret health diagnosis, she finds herself in deep water with Faith’s daughter Chas Dingle.

Moira becomes swept up in an unexpected affair rumour after Faith reveals to her daughter-in-law that her cancer had returned and is terminal.

She refuses to share the news with the rest of the Dingle family, putting Moira in an uncomfortable position of having to lie to keep the news a secret.

When a nervous Faith arrives for her chemotherapy appointment, she is still reeling from her son Cain leaving the village for a while.

The rockiness of their relationship is painful for Faith, especially as she watches another patient and their relationship with their son while in the hospital.

Faith pretends that she has a brilliant relationship with her family, lying to another patient about where her children Chas and Cain are and greatly exaggerating how happy they are.

She does not know that Wendy Posner has overheard everything, and is embarrassed when she realises she has been caught out.

But Wendy kindly reassured her that she does the same thing when discussing Lee Posner, who had died in 2019 after being hit over the head with a shovel by Robert Sugden.

Faith’s daughter Chas is becoming suspicious of the secrets and whispers, especially after finding Moira chatting to a half-naked Nate Robinson.

Moira and Nate have a history, and so Chas does not believe their innocent explanation.

She becomes convinced that mum Faith is helping the duo cover up an affair.

Chas later overhears Moira agreeing to meet someone at home, and so decides to catch out the cheats once and for all.

The next day, she decides to pay a visit to Moira and finds her dressed in a robe.

Chas bursts into the bedroom expecting to find Nate and unmask the secret affair, but there stands her mum Faith.

Faith is desperate to hide the fact that she has cancer, and so decided to throw Moira under the bus with a made-up excuse.

Now Faith must face her illness and the emotional side effects of it alone as she struggles to tell her family the truth.

Viewers will be left wondering whether Faith has the courage to come clean to her family.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Emmerdale have turned their back on Noah Dingle after he is charged with stalking his ex girlfriend Chloe Harris.

The teen’s court date has been confirmed for the following week, and despite mum Charity’s attempts to reassure her son that she is there to help him, she is devastated when he rejects her.

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