‘Euphoria’ Fan Theory Suggests Zendaya’s Character Might Actually Be Dead

We are not OK after hearing this new Euphoria fan theory.

Fans are suggesting that Zendaya‘s character, Rue Bennett, might actually be dead.

Yeah, it’s nuts – and totally could make sense.

Rue serves as the protagonist and the narrator of the series, and it would explain why she appears to know everything about every character.

The all-knowing Rue also, however, calls herself an “unreliable narrator” at one point, which would tie in with the theory as well.

Fans also note that other characters seem surprised to see Rue alive at the beginning of the school year, making statements such as, “Didn’t she die?” and “I thought you were dead.”

Did Rue actually die from her drug overdose that occurs before the first episode? See more fan reactions about the theory below!

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