'General Hospital': Which Maxie Relationship Does Kirsten Storms Like the Best?

Kirsten Storms is currently playing Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Maxie is the elder daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings, who were a supercouple in the 1980s. Maxie was raised by Mac Scorpio, and has since led her own life independent of her parents.

Maxie herself is also known for having many interestingrelationships on the show. So which relationship does Storms consider to be herfavorite?

Kirsten Storms has been on ‘GeneralHospital’ for fifteen years

Storms joined General Hospital in 2005 as a teenage Maxie. Before then, she was known for her work on Days of Our Lives.

The role of Maxie was previously occupied by a few childactors as well as Robyn Richards and Danica Stewart. Storms ended up being theperson to have played Maxie for the longest period of time.

Throughout the years, Storms has also experienced a lot ofMaxie’s character growth, such as Maxie learning to become close friends withher former enemy, Lulu Spencer, as well as Maxie becoming a mother to twochildren.

Storms has been nominated for one Daytime Emmy Award for herwork as Maxie.

Which relationships has Maxie Jones been in?

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In the 2000s, Maxie had a few flings with characters likeLucky Spencer, Kyle Ratcliffe, Jesse Beaudry, and Cooper Barrett.

After Cooper’s death in the late 2000s that ended theirrelationship, Maxie bonded with computer whiz Damien Spinelli as the two ofthem tried to figure out a way to prove Cooper’s innocence from the crimes hewas accused of. Maxie and Spinelli ended up becoming rather close, which led tothem starting a relationship together. In 2013, Maxie gave birth to theirdaughter, Georgie, though she and Spinelli did not last long as a couple.

 In 2014, Maxie movedon to date detective Nathan West. The couple married in 2017, but their marriagewas short-lived. A year later, Nathan was shot and killed by Cesar Faison.

While grieving Nathan, Maxie developed a bond with hishalf-brother, Peter August. Peter also helped Maxie deliver her son James, whomshe conceived with Nathan when he was alive. Although Maxie and Peter had somerough spots in their relationship, the two of them decided to date and beserious about each other.

Which Maxie relationship doesStorms like the best?

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Maxie has had a number of interesting relationships, andStorms revealed her favorite one to SoapOpera Digest in 2020.

“Spinelli/ Maxie is my favorite Maxie relationship,” Stormsshared. “In all my scenes with Bradford [Anderson], I have such a differentenergy, something that I’m not able to replicate with anyone else, and that’sall due to his talent and what he brings to the table.”

However, Storms also has an appreciation for Wes Ramsey, who plays her current on-screen partner, Peter.

“Outside of Emme [Rylan, who plays Lulu Spencer], Wes is thebest scene partner I’ve ever had,” Storms said. “He’s a classically trainedactor and I feel like I’m in the presence of somebody who really knows whatthey’re doing. I’m very free-spirited when I’m up on set. He and I balance eachother out really well.”

She also noted that, although some fans might be skepticalabout Maxie and Peter’s relationship due to him being Nathan’s half-brother,she finds their romance “sweet” since they took their time in getting to knoweach other.

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