Get A Perfect Beyonce-Level Blowout With This $50 Blower Brush

Beyonce is just as famous for incredible music as she is for her legendary live performances, and for her hair that stays firmly in place while she makes those tough dance moves look effortless on stage. You can now get blowouts like hers for a lot less with the Adagio Blower Brush.

The Blower Brush lets you can dry your hair while straightening and styling it, which saves you a lot of time. It also works with Tourmaline technology which retains your hair moisture and reduces damage. 

Adagio is a lightweight brush that gives you perfect hair with just a few steps. It also comes in two attractive colors: rose gold and lavender. You can get the blower brush on the Just Jared shop for $49.99, an 87% discount off the original $399 price. Like Bey, you can start flipping your hair about without worrying about messing it up!


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