Get to Know ‘Little Voice’ Actress Shalini Bathina with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The new series Little Voice just premiered on Apple TV+ and we caught up with one of the show’s stars, Shalini Bathina, to learn more about her!

You might recognize Shalini from guest appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Baby Daddy, and Raven’s Home. Little Voice marks her first series regular role and she’s definitely one to watch.

On Little Voice, Shalini plays Bess’ roommate Prisha, who has a touching storyline that will unfold during the first season.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Shalini:

  • 1. During my childhood, I lived in India for 7 years of my life. It’s a home that will always have a special place in my heart.
  • 2. My first ever play was Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors in 8th grade; I played Adriana and completely fell in love with acting.
  • 3. I don’t have wisdom teeth. I mean they don’t exist, I’m evolved.
  • 4. I met my husband when I was 17 and we got married in 2018 in India.
  • 5. I love chocolate more than anything, including my husband.

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  • 6. I adore watching animated movies and TV shows. Some of my absolute favorites are Avatar the Last Airbender, How to Train Your Dragon, and Bob’s Burgers.
  • 7. I’m trained in a form of Indian Classical Dance called Kuchipudi, and I still perform professionally! I’m currently working on a theatre dance project with Shivani Thakkar and Pallavi Srinivasan for A Noise Within Theatre in Pasadena, which merges Indian classical dance and Western classical theatre.
  • 8. My secret skill is eyebrow threading.
  • 9. I love to cook, especially Indian food. My Momma taught me everything.
  • 10. Mental health awareness is extremely important to me. I’m an advocate at Dil to Dil, a wonderful mental health organization that focuses on de-stigmatizing mental health in South Asian communities.

The first three episodes of Little Voice are streaming now on Apple TV+ and the rest of the episodes will premiere weekly.

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