Gillian Jacobs has never had alcohol, decided ‘at a very young age’ not to drink

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Gillian Jacobs was on Late Night with Seth Meyers promoting her movie I Used to Go Here, co-starring Jemaine Clement. It’s about a writer who returns to her college alma mater to teach 15 years after she graduated. Critics say it’s kind of charming and captures that mid-30s “what am I doing with my life?” experience well. You can see the trailer here. On Late Night, Gillian said that her college experience was different than most people’s because she went to Julliard (she didn’t give the name, Seth had to say the name for her) and because she doesn’t drink. She also said that more young people are discovering Community now that it’s on Netflix. We used to watch that show on repeat, my son has seen the entire series at least three times. Here’s some of what she said and you can see the interview below:

Her mom’s family owned a brewery when she was growing up
I have never had a drink of alcohol in my life. I am a real outsider in my family. At a very young age I announced to everyone that I was never going to drink. It probably felt like a betrayal of my family and their entire legacy, but I have stuck to it.

She had a different college experience
I went to a college that had no campus, no real social life. I went to college in Manhattan. I lived in Lincoln center. So even just having a lawn to sit on would have been a dream to us. [Seth says she went to Julliard] I voluntarily chose to go to different colleges during the summer and take academic classes. I wanted to get a taste of that, to be on a real campus and to be in a lecture hall.

Kids are discovering Community now that it’s on Netflix
It went on Netflix April 1st so there’s a whole new group of people discovering it. I now have the experience of my friends’ children discovering it.

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Gillian also has a scripted podcast with Josh Gadd called Blood Ties, the second season of which is coming soon. She said she loves doing voiceover work and that she’s asked to be on several cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Adventure Time.

I’ve only met one person who doesn’t drink after deciding at a young age like that. He just knew it wasn’t for him. I know his family too and they’re not alcoholics at all. Sometimes people just decide they’re not going to mess with it. I had to learn the hard way that drinking wasn’t for me and I still find it surprising when people can have one or two drinks and stop.

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