‘Got in trouble!’ Phillip Schofield admits Dancing On Ice bosses have banned him from rink

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The awkward ban came after the programme’s bosses feared Phillip Schofield would put himself in danger. The 59-year-old has already confessed to experiencing a close shave 15 years ago, back when the show first began.

They said, ‘You are not insured, you can’t skate, you have to come off!’

Phillip Schofield

Professional skater Matt Evers and judge Christopher Dean had volunteered to show the 59-year-old – then 44 – the ropes on the rink.

However, the showbiz star, who believes younger celebrities stand the best chance of competing on the rink, had a sudden change of heart.

“I had a go,” he acknowledged of his first attempt.

“Then I looked up and there were five suits standing on the lectern and I thought, ‘That doesn’t look good.'”

They were there not to watch, but to share liability fears.

Phillip continued: “They said, ‘You are not insured, you can’t skate, you have to come off.'”

The This Morning star added: “I thought if I take responsibility for myself, it’s nobody’s fault if I fall over and hurt myself.”

Talking to The Sun, he confessed: “So the next week, I went out again and got into proper, proper trouble.

“That was the end of my skating.” 

While he might not dazzle personally on the rink, he enjoys critiquing the latest would-be stars on ice, along with his co-presenter Holly Willoughby.

He also revealed to The Mirror that major falls were common with the competitors – but that if they were young and fearless, they would succeed despite it all.

“We’ve had big falls,” he explained of the “incredibly dangerous” sport. 

However he added: “They’re great fun, so long as nobody hurts themselves.

‘What we love is the ­fearless nature.

“Now, you can really only have that if you’re at the younger end of the age spectrum, when you know if you fall over, it’s not going to break.”

He elaborated: “We’ve found that the younger you are, especially if you’re a dancer, then you have that bravery, the courage and, you know, you go for it.”

The latest series certainly includes some youthful competition, including 21-year-old former Love Islander Liberty Poole and BMX Olympic silver medalist Kye Whyte, who is barely a year older than the reality star.

However, slightly older stars like 37-year-old Paralympian Stef Reid will also take to the rink, while the most mature competitor will be graceful Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor.

At 58, she is just one year Phillip’s junior – but in spite of that, the host has promised to stay on dry land and avoid anything risky that the producers might be worried about.

Dancing on Ice returns to ITV in January 2022.

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