Halsey Shares Throwback Pic Highlighting Emo Childhood

Halsey shared a throwback photo on social media of her childhood, sporting an Evanescence T-shirt and playing the violin.

“So much to unpack here. The evanescence shirt. the hot topic pants. the look of determination. the Costco glasses. the secondhand violin that got me into music. this post is a whirlwind,” the singer and songwriter wrote as a caption to the photo.

The post triggered responses from artists such as Diplo and Justin Timberlake.

The DJ, songwriter, and record producer commented about the Pepsi bottle in the background of the photo.

Timberlake confined his comment to a single word, “YES!!”

Halsey recently grabbed headlines by delivering a passionate, empowering speech about LGBTQ Pride and bigotry during her performance in Camden, slamming straight pride and homophobia.

(Photo: EMI Music)

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