‘Heartstopper’ Star Joe Locke Wants To Play First Gay Disney Prince!

Joe Locke is opening up about his career aspirations!

The 18-year-old actually made his acting debut in the fan-favorite new series Heartstopper, and now he dished on his desire to play a Disney prince in the future in a new interview.

However, Joe doesn’t just want to play any Disney prince…

Find out more inside…

While speaking with the Independent, Joe expressed, “I would love to play the first gay Disney prince. That would be a dream.”

He then reposted the article on Twitter, and wrote, “??? @Disney”

In case you missed it, Netflix dropped a blooper reel for Heartstopper. Check it out here!

Recently, as Heartstopper climbs the Netflix Most Watched TV charts, Joe made sure to remind fans that in order for a second season, people need to watch season one.

“We need everyone to watch season 1 first or else we won’t get a season 2,” he told EW. “Go watch it, otherwise it won’t happen!”

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