Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s most iconic interviews on This Morning

This Morning has been on our screens for 20 years and has produced some of the most iconic moments in the history of telly.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have chatted to some of the biggest names on the planet, but some interviews have stood out more than others.

Who could forget Kerry Katona slurring through her interview back in 2008? Or Katie Hopkins' outburst about children's names that turned her into a national hate figure?

Here we look at some of the most iconic This Morning interviews of all time that prove it's still one of the best shows on TV…

Kerry Katona slurring

Kerry was accused of being drunk when she slurred her words on This Morning in 2008.

The singer has since insisted medication for her bipolar disorder had affected her speech.

Over ten years on from the interview, Kerry said she still gets criticised for it .

She explained: "No one believed it was my meds that made me slur, but it was – instead they assume it was the drugs and that's the reputation I got.

"I still get so badly criticised – it's such a fickle world."

Katie Hopkins' kids' names

Back in 2013 Katie caused national uproar when she admitted judging children based on their first names.

Katie said she wouldn't let her kids play with children who have "lower class" names.

She said: "You can tell a great deal from a name. For me there are certain names I hear and I think 'eurgh.'"

Holly and Phil became national heroes when they confronted her on her outdated views.

"You must have missed so much in you life! I can't help but get involved," Holly said.

When she said she didn't like children named after places, Phil reminded her that her own daughter was called India.

Kim Woodburn vs Phil

Following her iconic appearance on Celebrity Big Brother , Kim was invited on This Morning to discuss her outbursts in the house.

When Phil asked her why she lashed out at her housemates Kim let rip.

"You weren't there to know were you Phil?" she said.

He asked her what she was paid and she told him not to be "naughty".

Kim accused him of being biased as he admitted she'd made him feel uncomfortable during the tense chat.

She said: "You should have had me on here and stayed neutral in my opinion."

When he saractically said it had been a "delight" to have her on she called him a "big phony".

David Cameron's list

David Cameron's appearance on the show is possibly the most controversial This Morning interview ever.

Phil had researched famous people who are suspected paedophiles on the internet and handed a list to the then Prime Minister.

The presenter was forced to apologised after it was suggested that some of the names could be seen by viewers.

Hundreds of viewers complained about the moment and ITV said "disciplinary action" had been taken against Phil and members of the crew.

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