How many children does Ron Ely have? Family mourns loss of mother

Ron Ely and Valerie Lundeen are in the news for the wrong reasons this morning. Tragedy has struck the family, as Lundeen has reportedly been the victim of a homicide at their home.

Details about the case, which is unfolding at their Hope Ranch property in Santa Barbara, California, are still coming out. What is known is that Lundeen was killed and that the suspect was shot by police at the scene.

Born Ronald Pierce Ely, he was best known for his portrayal of Tarzan, which aired original episodes on television from 1966-1968. Lundeen had been known as Miss Florida earlier in her life.

Ely was married to Cathy Ely from 1959-1961. Ely then married Lundeen in 1984. The couple remained married until the time of her death.

How many children does Ron Ely have?

Ron Ely and Valerie Lundeen had three children, and their names were Cameron, Kaitland, and Kirsten. In the image for this article, the three kids are depicted when they were much younger. The picture was taken in 1992 and showed the family during much happier times.

According to a report by The Daily Express, Ely took a long break from Hollywood from 2001-2013 to spend more time with his family. He spoke about how he felt at the time and why he decided to make that choice.

Late in life I had a young family. I decided to stop acting and work at home, as an author, that way I could be with the kids all through school and be able to attend their sports games and things.

Ely would return to work in 2014 with the made-for-television movie Expecting Amish. In the film, he played Elder Miller.

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