Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri Says App Doesn't Eavesdrop, Gayle King Calls BS

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri told Gayle King the app does NOT eavesdrop on private conversations … but she called BS to his face.

Mosseri told King Tuesday on “CBS This Morning” it’s straight-up dumb luck when an ad for something a user had just discussed in a private conversation uncannily shows up on their Instagram feed. Mosseri said IG doesn’t look at users’ messages or listen to their microphone.

But, check out the clip … Gayle blasts Mosseri. And, when she asked if the same thing happens to him, Mosseri … well, check it out — it’s super awkward.

There’s paranoia among users that Instagram — which is owned by Facebook — spies on users to gather ad-targeting information. The suspicions come just over a year after Facebook suffered a massive blow in consumer confidence following the Cambridge Analytica scandal … when it was revealed Facebook allowed the third-party service to collect user data without consent.

That data was then used to target U.S. voters in the 2016 election.

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