‘It’s lost an awful lot’ Blue Peter host Peter Purves slams changes at the BBC ‘A shame’

Blue Peter – Lulu the Elephant 1969 – Peter Purves

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Peter Purves, 82, made his television debut on BBC show Doctor Who in 1965 and went on to land a presenting role on Blue Peter. However, the star is less than impressed with the broadcaster these days.

Peter claimed the BBC has “lost an awful lot” following its move from the iconic Television Centre in London.

Many of its shows are now filmed at Media City, Salford, in Greater Manchester, including BBC Breakfast.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Peter said: “I think an awful lot of its ethos… I walked into the BBC Television Centre every time with my head held ever so high and I was so proud to be working there.

“I don’t think people have that experience now, it’s lost an awful lot. 

“I thought it was madness to move from London, that wonderful Television Centre, lots of people loved that and lots of people were proud to work there, and I don’t know many who would say the same thing today. 

“I think it’s just a great shame, everything was under one roof – if you wanted scenery or costumes, there was a wonderful costume department.

“The make-up department had some of the best trained people ever, and it was a remarkable place to work. 

“I’m not slagging them off, but it’s lost what it was, what it seems to stand for, I don’t like it.”


Peter added: “I don’t like its news, I think it’s biased, it’s not my channel of choice anymore.”

Despite his concerns about the broadcaster, the actor praised the BBC’s popular drama series, including Line of Duty.

He added: “I do like the drama the BBC still does, I’ve just finished watching Baptiste, which I think was terrific.

“And you can’t escape from the fact that Line of Duty was a brilliant series as well.

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“But there’s lots of other good work that comes out of television that’s not BBC, and you get the feeling that the BBC isn’t actually making a lot itself anymore, and that I think is a great shame.”

Peter also threw his hat in the ring to become the potential replacement of Jodie Whittaker, who is set to step down from the lead role in Doctor Who next year.

It comes after Peter took on his Doctor Who role as one of the early time-travelling companions when he was just 26-years-old.

He acted opposite the late William Hartnell, who starred as the Doctor at the time.

When quizzed on whether he has any thoughts on who should replace Jodie as the Doctor, he quipped: “You mean other than me?”

However, Peter went on to share his reservations about taking on the lead role, due to his age.

He added: “I don’t think so, I’m way older than Bill Hartnell was when he was doing it. 

“I think it would probably be wonderful, but it ain’t gonna happen so I won’t hold my breath!”

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