Jeff Lowe's 'Tiger King' Park Raided by Feds Again, More Animals Seized

At this rate, NO ONE is gonna be Tiger King … Jeff Lowe‘s “Tiger King” Park keeps losing attractions — we’ve learned the feds showed up again to seize even more of his big cats.

The “Tiger King” star tells TMZ … his zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma got raided Monday morning by 40-50 federal agents. Jeff says they showed up at 7 AM with a search warrant and told him to stay inside his house or he’d be arrested.

According to Lowe … the feds are in the process of seizing about 70 animals. Jeff tells us he believes they are looking for tiger cubs on the property, but he says they don’t have any.

Jeff says the warrant — which appears to have been issued by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Oklahoma — cites the Endangered Species Act as the reason for the search and seizure.

What’s going down Monday at “Tiger King” Park seems very similar to what happened earlier this month … when Jeff told us the feds showed up to haul away several of his hybrid big cats — animals he claims are NOT protected under the Endangered Species Act.

As we first told you … the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was the lead agency for that raid — but the USDA was also present during the seizure of the animals. It’s unclear if that’s the same situation for Monday’s raid or if other agencies are involved.

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