Jenny Ryan: The Chase star embroiled in spat over ‘unfounded conspiracy theories’

Jenny Ryan, 37, A.K.A. The Vixen, spoke out to explain The Chase Celebrity Specials are in no was fixed our unfair after a Twitter user tagged her in a tweet speculating about the matter. “Can you tell me truthfully are Celebrity Chases fixed?” they said. “It’s amazing how they always win big money and get four back for the Final Chase.” A second fan wrote back to defend The Chase, saying: “They don’t always get big money or everyone back. I don’t know how many episodes you have watched, but clearly not enough to give a balanced view. Plus, I’ve been to filming of Celebrity ones and I can assure you, they’re not fixed!” 

“I love The Chase and I watch it on Challenge as well as ITV,” the first bristled. 

“I however will not watch Celebrity Chase, which is been proven to be fixed. It is not very often someone doesn’t get the big money offer I just trust Jenny, would love an answer from her.” 

The second Twitter user went on to ask where the proof was that The Chase Celebrity Specials were fixed, noting how they had seen “many” where the famous faces didn’t go on to beat the Chaser and adding: “Surely if it was fixed, everyone would win?” 

“No I know it is not all fixed,” the first replied. 

“If you Google is celeb chaser fixed you will see what goes on. 

“Shawn Wallace was accused of deliberately getting questions wrong on Celebrity Chase,”(sic) they claimed. 

At this point, Jenny chimed in, clarifying in view of her 49,000 Twitter followers: “Google results are not evidence. 

“Accusations are not evidence either,” she continued. “There *is* no evidence, because there is nothing untoward going on. 

“We literally have an independent adjudicator in studio to ensure everything is lawful and fair.” 

A heated exchange ensued, with the fan writing back to Chaser Jenny: “I love the normal Chase and I think you’re the best Chaser. So let’s beg to differ. 

“I never thought for a minute you would cheat.” 

“It’s not a matter of differing opinions,” Jenny hit back. “i’ve given you the facts, and you don’t accept them.” 

“I am by no means alone in thinking what I do,” they replied. 

“I accept your need to defend the programme. Like I said previously this is the easiest quiz show in the world to tamper and fix results.” 

Standing her ground, The Vixen tweeted: “You can think what you like, of course. But you are completely incorrect. 

“It would be impossible to do what you claim, not least because we have @beyonddispute overseeing everything. 

“I’m not sure why you even asked me in the first place, if you are just going to stick by the unfounded conspiracy theories you have seen online, over the truth straight from the horse’s mouth,” she added. 

“I despair.” 

The viewer then said: “OK Jenny I take you point and accept what you say, I can see you’re very passionate about this. I will give celebs another chance.” 

“It’s not about passion,” she snapped. “It’s about facts vs conjecture. 

“And when you accuse us (me, my colleague Chasers, the people we work with to make the show) of impropriety, unethical behaviour and potentially illegal actions – then, yes, I will get narked and take you to task over it.” 

Meanwhile, independent adjudicators Beyond Dispute also spoke up to insist The Chase is all fair, saying: “The Chase isn’t fixed. The celebrity shows aren’t fixed. 

“We are at every recording to oversee fairness. 

“Producers don’t have to have an independent adjudicator – if they wanted to dix it they wouldn’t employ us,” they said. 

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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