Joe Biden Tells Packers Fan Aaron Rodgers Has 'Gotta Get The Vaccine'

Joe Biden has just inserted himself into Aaron Rodgers‘ COVID vaccine drama … with the President telling a Packers fan in Kentucky that he wants the QB to get vaxxed ASAP.

Biden made the quip while visiting tornado-ravaged parts of the Bluegrass State … whispering to a woman in a Green Bay cap and shirt, “Tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine.”

Cameras caught the moment between the two … showing the Packers fan and others around her laughing out loud at Biden’s comment.

Of course, Rodgers has famously said he’s not vaccinated … telling Pat McAfee earlier this year he’s actually allergic to the Pfizer and Moderna versions of the shots.

Rodgers also said he just flat-out doesn’t want the Johnson & Johnson jab, claiming its reported side effects have made that not an option for him either.

Rodgers has been ripped by many for his stance … with Howard Stern saying Rodgers should be booted from the NFL over it all.

Seems Biden is very much with Stern on the issue … clearly not taking any of Rodgers’ excuses as good enough reasons to avoid the vax.

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