Jonathan Van Ness calls out JK Rowling supports amid trans row

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has dished out blistering criticism of JK Rowling and those still supporting her in the middle of her latest trans row. 

The Harry Potter author has sparked outrage over her new book Troubled Blood, written under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, which features a cross-dressing serial killer who disguises himself to murder women. 

Rowling had already been the subject of backlash over her recent comments about the trans community, which were deemed transphobic. 

Reacting to the latest controversy, Jonathan has questioned why some people are supporting the formerly acclaimed author in light of her offensive remarks. 

‘I’m wondering why so many people I look up to still follow this transphobic author,’ he tweeted. 

‘We have 37 states trying to enact transphobic policy. This constant proliferation of transphobic language by thought leaders is dangerous, so why are you still supporting her?’ 

Jonathan then suggested a scathing new title for Troubled Blood, adding: ‘The entitled nightmare & the ruiner of legacies @jk_rowling new title for new book.’

He later spotted a series of tweets she was supporting and commented: ‘Look at what she’s retweeting.

‘Yes because cisgender athletes commonly come out as trans, upending their entire careers, work, and dedication to come out for fun? To hurt female athletes? Seriously, so f*****g stupid.’  

The Netflix star previously spoke out against Rowling after she implied only biological women menstruate in a series of tweets. 

Sharing his thoughts on the author’s comments, Jonathan told Andy Cohen in June: ‘J.K. Rowling’s tweets were, and are, problematic. 

‘J.K. Rowling has come out, like, many times siding on a side of oppressing a trans person and siding with the idea of, you know, oppressing trans folks and basically just questioning the validity of trans people’s gender identities.’ 

He continued: ‘Her idea of gender and her fears around the idea of gender are really rooted in white supremacy and they have been for a really long time. 

‘And, because her feminism is not intersectional, meaning that if you’re a trans woman, she does not believe you deserve the same rights and protections that a cisgender woman does.’ 

Retired footballer Neville Southall has also called out Rowling’s comments about transgender people, hailing them ‘dangerous’. 

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