June Shannon: Stealing Money from Alana Thompson for Gambling, Drugs?

From Not To Hot star June Shannon is so adamant about staying with Geno Doak that daughter Alana Thompson refuses to come home.

But while Alana is physically safe with her sister, is her reality TV fortune safe?

Alana’s family is afraid that June will dip into Alana’s funds to pay for gambling, drugs, or her terrible boyfriend. The family has a plan to stop it.

TMZ has learned that Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s rep is taking no chances.

That agent has recently had an attorney step in to secure the 13-year-old reality star’s finances.

Despite bein a middle schooler, online sources say that Alana’s estimated net worth is a whopping $800,000.

But now Alana’s money has been moved to a new account.

June will not be able to touch the account — not for gambling, not for drugs, and not to appease her cheating nightmare boyfriend, Geno Doak.

Now, you might read this and think “okay, she has a new bank account, but the rest is just speculation.”

We are sad to report that it’s not.

According to the family sources who spoke to TMZ, the family has real fears about what June might do in her current state of mind.

That absolutely includes concern that she might tap into any funds available — even her own daughter’s.

Drug addiction and gambling addiction are both afflictions that prey upon the brain’s reward systems — all other priorities go out the window.

And, as fans have already seen, Geno has her wrapped around his finger. Alana’s rep wasn’t taking any chances.

If Alana’s money is locked away, how are her needs being met?

Alana may be very accomplished for her age, but she is 13 years old. She can’t just drive to the bank herself.

Instead, TMZ reports that Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, her older sister, can access small amounts of Alana’s money.

She has to provide documentation each time that it happens to prove that she’s using the money for Alana.

This makes a lot of sense. Lauryn is trustworthy, and Alana is already staying with her.

Why is Alana staying with her sister instead of at her home home with her mother?

It’s simple — she’s not staying any place where Geno is.

Alana has been adamant about this — she loves her mother, but is afraid for her mother’s life.

She tried to force June to choose between her beloved daughter and her good-for-nothing cheating husband.

June, it seems, has accepted Alana’s departure and chosen Geno and, allegedly, crack cocaine.

Geno hasn’t exactly been a prince.

In addition to getting arrested alongside June and allegedly cheating on her, he appears to have … crashed a car into her house.

A neighbor recorded a video that appeared to show a disoriented Geno struggle to get out of the car.

In the mean time, June arrived in a see-through gown and tried to wrangle Geno inside the house.

We cannot speak to whatever may or may not have been in Geno’s bloodstream influencing him.

But he did not appear to be in any state to drive.

As viewers of From Not To Hot have now seen to their chagrin, June’s family and loved ones tried to have an intervention for her.

The intervention was not a success.

June was adamant about not doing any in-patient, overnight treatment.

That sounded like madness, and it was, as Lauryn explained to viewers.

As it turns out, June is so afraid of losing Geno that she won’t go to rehab despite the tearful pleas of her family.

If she goes to rehab, she’s afraid that she won’t be able to keep an eye on Geno.

She’s so far gone that she can’t see that he’s not worth keeping. This is heartbreaking.

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