Katie Price ‘has more surgery to fix infection-riddled boob’

Katie Price has reportedly been under the knife again – this time to fix one of her breasts which was ravaged by infection.

The 40 year old has jetted off to see her "favourite" surgeon in Belgium for corrective surgery, secret botox and more fillers, The Sun reports.

"Katie went to Dr Plovier to have corrective surgery on her boob – when she had an infection after her last boob job, it scarred badly and left a dent," a source claimed.

Katie is apparently telling people it's corrective surgery and not another boob job, and decided to treat herself to more botox and fillers while she was there.

"She previously got her own fat injected into her face [in Turkey] but she wanted to top up," the source continued.

"She’s also had non-invasive lazer surgery on her chest to tighten it up. She’s on a mission to look perfect and won’t stop until she’s happy with what she sees."

Fans might remember Dr Plovier as the surgeon who gave Katie a face lift while she was awake.

And earlier this week Katie confirmed on her Instagram story that she was heading back to the Be Clinic in Brussels.

“Always love coming here! Dr Plovier is amazing surgeon at everything," she said.

It comes after Katie underwent a surgery bonanza in Turkey last month, having a face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and Brazilian bum lift all at the same time.

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