Kevin Gates Details Fan’s Words That Stop Him From Committing Suicide

When opening up about his battle with depression, the ‘Big Gangsta’ rapper reveals that he had written a letter for his son before he went to take his own life.

AceShowbizKevin Gates admitted that he was close to committing suicide. Luckily, the “Big Gangsta” rapper decided to give up the idea after a fan approached him when he was ready to commit the act.

The 35-year-old made the confession when sitting down with Big Facts. He first opened up about his battle with depression, saying, “When I disabled my Instagram, this is my first time speaking about this. I hadn’t put on my Twitter all my friends and my family forgive me I love you all, it’s over it, see I don’t do the ‘man I’m about to kill myself.’ “

“I don’t want no attention, I don’t do no horseplaying, that’s horseplaying when you talk about it,” the emcee added. “I was gona do it the way of the Samurai, just smash myself cause I was to the point I don’t want to live no more, cause that last video I had posted where I was holding my daughter rcking her, I did her birthday in Cabo, I ensured she had the best birthday ever I was just holding her, I knew I was holding her for the last time.”

Kevin, who had written a letter to his son, wore all of his jewelry to the gym before he went to take his own life. However, someone approached him when he left the building. “Show you how God work through people, I’m walking out the gym, white boy walked up on me you know kinda big, you know I see him in there a lot,” he explained.

“He said, ‘Can I approach you?’ You know when you bout to do something gangsta but you be tryna be calm and smiling?” the hip-hop star further elaborated, “He’s like, ‘Your music is the only thing that makes this crazy world makes sense.’ “

“I was like, ‘The world is a cruel place,’ I was laughing but I know what I was about to go do, he was like, ‘Man, I was worried bout you you had to disconnect your Instagram and your twitter the world needs you. Your music done kept me from committing suicide so many times,’ ” he went on recalling.

“I said listen, I swear to God I’m about to go push my s**t off, right now, you the only one I’m telling. He cried and grabbed me and said if you did that, so many people gon take their life but you all we got,” Kevin continued. He said that it was a turning point when he realized that his music is meaningful for his fans.

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