Kid Cudi Releases Final Album in ‘Man on the Moon’ Trilogy – Listen to ‘The Chosen’ Now!

Kid Cudi has new music out!

The 36-year-old rapper just released his latest album titled Man on the Moon III: The Chosen.

The new album is the third and final album in Kid Cudi‘s Man on the Moon trilogy project. The second installment, The Legend of Mr. Rager, came out in 2010 and the first installment, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, arrived in 2009.

If you missed it, Kid Cudi will soon be appearing in a new Netflix movie that has an A-list filled cast.

During a new interview, Kid Cudi opened up about working on music and on acting projects.

“They both give me the s–t that I need, the feeling,” Kid Cudi shared with Zane Lowe for Apple Music. “It’s like, the music, it ignites something in me every time I’m doing it. It never feels like a chore. It never feels like work and I feel really lucky to be doing what I’m doing. And the same thing for acting. You know, I literally have an out-of-body experience and I’m in the moment and I’m there with the other actors and the camaraderie.”

You can download Kid Cudi‘s new album off of iTunes here – stream Man on the Moon III: The Chosen below thanks to Spotify!

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