Kim Kardashian Gives Updates on Lupus Diagnosis: ‘This Is Not Gonna Stop Me’

Revealing the news through the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, the KKW Beauty receives the update after getting an ultrasound with Dr. Ami Ben-Artzi.

AceShowbiz -Does Kim Kardashian have lupus or not? The KKW Beauty founder has given curious fans an update on her health through the latest episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians“, in which she visited a doctor to determine whether or not she was suffering from lupus. Fortunately, the result wasn’t something that Kim feared.

Kim met with Dr. Ami Ben-Artzi to get an ultrasound to learn of what was really happening with her body after she was told her antibodies tested positive for lupus. Later, her other doctor, Dr. Daniel Wallace, told her the good news that she wasn’t actually suffering from the disease. Instead, she was suffering from Psoriatic arthritis because “Psoriasis comes and goes and there is nothing there right now.”

Hearing the news, the mother of four immediately let out a deep breathe and said, “I’m so relieved that this is just Psoriatic arthritis. The pain is going to come and go sometimes, but I can manage it and this isn’t going to stop me.”

Kim was tested positive for Lupus antibodies after experiencing swollen joints, headaches and general fatigues. The diagnosis affected her so badly that she suffered from a bit of depression while trying to come to terms with how much the disease would affect her life.

“When you do have a diagnosis or you get tested for something and you get a result that you weren’t expecting you definitely get in your head and for a second you kinda get this little depression of like, ‘OK, what are all the possibilities that can happen? What’s my life gonna look like? I really wanna be active for my kids.’ And so it triggers something,” she explained in a recent episode of the E! reality show.

Thankfully, she managed to pull herself together in the end as saying, “There’s no point in being depressed and staying in that headspace, but I felt it for a minute.”

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