Kim Kardashian looks worse for wear and throws up in toilet on her birthday

Kim Kardashian celebrated her 39th birthday today, and to mark the special occasion, younger sister Khloe shared a funny throwback video.

It shows an old clip of Mrs Kardashian-West crawling on the floor before she reaches the toilet and struggles to keep her head up.

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty's clan of close-knit sisters gather around and hold her hair back while she throws up in the toilet.

Kim looks a lot younger in the clip, so it was probably taken a few birthdays ago.

Eldest sister Kourtney, 40, says: "You got to throw up or you're gonna be really sick tomorrow."

As she lays with her head on the seat, Khloe grabs Kourtney and jokes: "If you throw up, I will kill you – don't throw up, you can't," as Kourtney walks off and says she can't be in the same room.

The Kardashian sisters clearly know how to celebrate in style.

Along with the clip, Khloe K gushed: "It's your birthday @kimkardashian!!! There are so many wonderful things I wish people knew about you.

"There are SO many things, so I will only name a few. For all the years of your life, you have glowed from the inside out.

"There has always been a magnetic energy about you. You've written your own set of rules, always with love. "

She finished off the heartwarming post with: "You are everything to so many but especially me."

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