Lana Del Rey’s Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Guarded But Devoted Partner

If the zodiac sign Cancer had a voice, it would be Lana Del Rey’s. All aching, vulnerability, and moodiness her singing voice, is pure celestial crustacean. It really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise then that Lana Del Rey’s zodiac sign is, in fact, Cancer (born June 21, 1985). This also explains why the “Summertime Sadness” singer tends to play her love life extremely close to the vest, including her recent reported engagement to singer Clayton Johnson.

Talk of their possible pending nuptials started following Rey’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on December 14, when the singer was spotted wearing a brand new sparkler on that finger. While neither party has officially confirmed their relationship status, according to People the two reportedly met via a dating app in August 2020 and have been raising eyebrows by appearing in each other’s IG stories ever since.

While Rey’s tendency to keep her private life private means it might be a while before fans get any direct answers, her zodiac sign can offer hints as to what she’s like as a partner. Here’s what we can surmise about what it’s like to be loved by Rey according to her astrological sign.

Cancer loves hard.

When it comes to love, Cancer’s all heart. They’re very loving, affectionate, and passionate toward their partners. Their greatest desire is to be paired up with someone with whom they can feel safe, secure, and connected. They really want that solid foundation on which to build a life. While Cancer tends to have a small group of close-knit friends, they reserve the place closest to them for the one they love. There’s nothing they won’t do for that person, so long as they feel loved and secure in return.

They need to process their feelings — a lot.

Cancer’s ruled by the Moon, the heavenly body associated with emotion. Plus, they’re a water sign, which also means they’re doubly connected to their emotionality. Expect them to express how they’re feeling. A lot. When there are issues in the relationship, they need to process them, so open communication is key with a Cancer partner. If you want them to understand your perspective, it’s important to put things in terms of how you’re feeling. And when you’re struggling, there’s no one better to understand what you’re going through than this highly empathetic sign.

You’ll have to learn to roll with their moods.

Being so in touch with their emotions gives Cancer a true gift of empathy and intuition that makes their partner feel seen and understood on a very powerful and innate level. However, with all the wonderful things that come with this, it also means Cancer’s susceptible to being mercurial in their moods. One moment they can be happy, and the next they’re in tears. Cancer’s very sensitive, so they’re easily hurt, simply because they feel things very strongly. The best thing to do is give Cancer both your empathy and the space to process and feel and their feelings. The good news is that, as quickly as the emotional storm clouds gather, they dissipate.

They’re loyal and expect the same in return.

Cancer is notoriously slow to open up to people at first. It takes time and effort to win them over to the point where they’ll expose their vulnerable side. But once they’re proven worthy, Cancer gives people their all, including their unwavering loyalty. They’re the epitome of ride or die. They’re also natural caregivers who take genuine pleasure in being there emotionally for the people they love. They give this loyalty freely and unselfishly. However, if they don’t get it in return or they feel as though their trust is broken, Cancer takes this as a deep betrayal and isn’t afraid to cut you out of their life. Permanently. They also have a pretty sizable jealous streak, so it’s important to always treat Cancer with the love and loyalty they deserve.

While there’s no telling when (and if) fans will know whether Rey’s engaged or not (fingers crossed!), one thing they can know is that whoever does eventually claim the singer’s heart is in for an intense and loving time.

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