Lateche Norris’ Mom Blasts People Comparing Brian Laundrie & Her Daughter’s BF After They Were Found Safe

Lateche Norris’ mother has something to say about everyone comparing her 20-year-old daughter’s boyfriend to Brian Laundrie after the two were found safe last week.

As we previously reported, police confirmed the woman was safe and sound with her mother, Cheryl Walker, in California on Saturday after she disappeared following an alleged fight with her boyfriend Joseph “Joey” Smith. Although no other details were given at the time, it turns out Lateche never contacted her family for a month because she was homeless. Speaking with CBS 8 San Diego, Lateche explained:

“We had been staying in Chula Vista on the side of the highway where there’s absolutely no people and no resources. It’s very tough being homeless out here, figuring out how are we going to eat today, how are we going to just live day to day and survive.”

According to the couple, he only moved to San Diego to enter rehab at Restoration Ranch but was asked to leave after he suffered a seizure. She explained:

“He had a seizure, which he does have time to time. He had come down from drinking alcohol too quickly within a 24-hour period, and he wanted to get a grip. He came out here to go there, but because of the seizure it was determined it wasn’t a fit. So, he was left homeless out here.”

She then traveled to San Diego in early November to visit her partner and called her mom from an unknown number at one point about an alleged quarrel they had. While Lateche didn’t get into the details about the fight, she promised to call back soon. However, that was the last Walker heard from her child for a month.

Eventually, the mom filed a missing person’s report and begged everyone online to help find Lateche. But on December 3, her daughter finally contacted Walker using a borrowed cell phone. The parent told the outlet:

“I was just sitting there, and I got a text and I saw it, and it just said, ‘Hey mama. It’s Teche.’ Honestly, I didn’t even read the rest of it. I just hit dial and called her and told her we were here.”

Lateche then added:

“I don’t think she knew what to feel at that moment, but there was a lot of tears, but definitely happy that she didn’t have to see the worst happen.”

Before finding her daughter, Walker expressed concern about their history of domestic violence, telling CBS 8 San Diego:

“There’s been a few incidences of domestic violence between the two. It’s very concerning to me now because there’s a lot of red flags that were popping up that we maybe should have paid a little bit more attention to before.”

However, The Sun reports that while Walker may have previously likened her daughter’s disappearance to that of Gabby Petito‘s, she later slammed those who’ve compared Smith to Laundrie over the past few weeks in a since-deleted Facebook post:

“I feel it’s imperative to state the Joey hasn’t hurt her. And while we do ask everyone to respect our privacy, it was necessary to immediately confirm this since he’s being compared to Brian Laundrie.”

Lateche echoed the sentiment to CBS 8 San Diego, saying:

“Joey’s probably the reason that I have been able to be found safe. He’s never, ever put me in any physical harm at all.”

Smith then added:

“I have never been a danger or a harm to Teche, and I will always put her first. So whatever she wants to do and whatever’s gonna be best for us as a couple, I will do.”

Concluding the interview, Walker thanked everyone for their support in helping to find her daughter, saying:

“I’m grateful for everyone who’s happy this didn’t end in a tragedy because you’re the people that matter. You’re the good-hearted people and I thank you so much. We just want to get her whatever she needs. And Joey, I’m so happy he’s not the villain. Yes, I want her in a better life situation but given the horrible situation they were in, he kept her safe.”

We’re just glad that Lateche ultimately was alright after everything. You can watch the entire interview with CBS 8 San Diego (below):

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