Legally Blonde 3 cast: Here's the characters we want to make a comeback

Legally Blonde 3 started out as a pipe dream fans of Elle Woods have been holding onto for a real long time, but if Mindy Kaling has it her way, then we’re going to be reunited with Delta Nu’s finest sooner than we think.

The ball is already rolling for a third movie, after the success of original film Legally Blonde released in 2001 and follow-up movie Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde that dropped two years later in 2003.

Just shy of two decades later and actress and comedian Mindy, 41, has got a script for a third Legally Blonde as well as Reese Witherspoon on board to reprise her role as Elle – the sorority sister who took Harvard by storm.

Speaking about the film’s progress, Mindy has teased that Legally Blonde 3 could start shooting this year and she’s promised the return of many fan favourites.

‘I don’t know when we’ll be able to shoot movies again, but it would be great to, if Reese likes the script,’ she said. ‘Shooting this year would be awesome.’

Commenting on Legally Blonde’s iconic Bend and Snap routine that we will forever have engrained into our minds, Mindy told Access: ‘Bend and Snap is forever, we definitely have a lot of fan favourites from the original movie.’

So, does that mean we can hope for plenty more pen drops and broken noses? Here’s hoping and we’ve also got our fingers crossed for the return of a few familiar faces too.

In an ideal world, we’d love to see Elle reunited with a few blasts from the past, because who doesn’t want to see her girl bossing it, while her miserable ex Warner watches on and Professor Stromwell cheers her on from the sidelines.


He’s the guy that had her back from the start, so Emmett, now married to Elle, surely has to make a comeback alongside her?

From their first days at Harvard, to their first win securing Brooke Taylor-Windham’s release and making it through the trials and tribulations that came with Bruiser’s bill, Emmett has been by Elle’s side through it all and we’d love to see what the couple are up to all these years later.

Luke Wilson, who plays Emmett, is just as keen, as he’s revealed he’d be more than up for reprising his role. ‘Of course I’d do it,’ he told Us Weekly.


Paulette’s return would bring so much with it – think of the outfits, the lols, the mishaps, another appearance from the UPS guy, perhaps? Her and Elle’s friendship is the real deal and their nail appointment heart to hearts are the kind of content we need onscreen right now – as well as Paulette’s unintentional one liners.

For two girls that arguably couldn’t be more different, it’s their bond and their sisterhood – bigging the other up in times where they just need a little confidence boost from their BFF – that arguably makes the Legally Blonde movies and has us all feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside.

Margot and Serena

Talking of cheerleaders, Elle would be nothing without her day ones, her Delta Nu sisters, Margot (Jessica Cauffiel) and Serena (Alanna Ubach), and we would be nothing without the comedy that the best double act in town brings to the arena.

They saw Elle through heartbreak, were by her side (almost all the way through) her LSAT prep, never needed asking twice to make her look good in her law school video application and when she required reinforcements in Washington to take on a cosmetic company cruelly testing on animals, they were there – sunburnt faces and pom poms and all.


So Elle might not have seen eye-to-eye with Grace, played by Regina King in Legally Blonde 2, at first, but when Grace came to see that Elle was being played in her fight for Bruiser’s bill, the duo formed a mutual respect that we reckon could be a force to be reckoned with.

It’s a working partnership and friendship we’d love to see explored more on the big screen, you?


Oh, Warner, Warner, Warner. He wanted a Jackie not a Marilyn, but little did he know he’d end up getting burned by both. We all revelled in him finally getting his comeuppance – when Elle realised he was a ‘complete bonehead’ who didn’t deserve her and his perfect law school girlfriend Vivian dumped him – wouldn’t it be great to see what he’s up to now? Still pining after Elle, no doubt.

Maybe Warner (The Vampire Diaries star Matthew Davis) is a changed man these days or maybe he’s still in need of Elle putting him in his place?


Speaking of Warner, you can’t help but think of Vivian? Sure, she gave Elle a hard time at Harvard, but the girls ended up becoming great friends – that’s something that wasn’t exactly explored in Legally Blonde 2, though, and fans never got to see Elle and Vivian (Selma Blair) actually playing nice.

Two decades on, are they still friends? Could old rivalries re-surface?

Professor Stromwell

She may have kicked Elle out of her first class at Harvard, but Professor Stromwell (Holland Taylor) saw the potential in our Capitol Barbie, once famously telling her: ‘You’re not the girl I thought you were,’ and kick-starting Elle’s fight to make a success of herself and overcome sleazy law school professors.

When asked if she’d pick up her role as Stromwell, actress Taylor didn’t hesitate and had big plans for her movie alter-ego.

‘Maybe she’s a Supreme Court Justice by now’ Taylor told Elite Daily. ‘I think that would be appropriate.’


If only for her perm and nothing else.

Fans will remember Linda Cardellini’s character Chutney from the original Legally Blonde film where perm-gate was first born. Elle cross-examines Chutney in court, while Brooke is on trial for murder, and her expertise in haircare wins her a breakthrough moment when she’s able to highlight inconsistencies in Chutney’s evidence.

Chutney claimed to be in the shower when her father was shot, but Elle knows – and now the entire world, too- that anyone with a perm would no way risk getting their hair wet within 24 hours of getting it done, that is if they didn’t want to ruin their perfectly styled curls. A nervous Chutney couldn’t handle being caught out, so ‘fessed up to killing daddy and secured Elle her first ever court win. Maybe Chutney’s now been released on good behaviour and somehow, some way, her path crosses with Elle’s once more?


He’s arguably the most important man in Elle’s life (sorry, Emmett) and there’s nothing Elle wouldn’t do for her beloved pup Bruiser.

In real life, Moonie, the sweet pup that played Bruiser sadly died in 2016 aged 18, and as much as it pains us to say, we know that it’s unlikely Bruiser would still be around today, now Elle is that much older and years have gone by. BUT, that isn’t to say Bruiser can’t make a comeback in some manner – whether it’s a tribute or flashback, where there’s a will, we’ll take it, because really, what is Elle Woods without Bruiser sitting rightfully in her always stylish handbag.


Cookie’s role in Legally Blonde 2 may have only been short and sweet, but boy did she make a real impression and that one line ‘Hi Alison, it’s Cookie,’ became a certified fan favourite.

Need to spread the word around on a new case in movie number three, Elle? Cookie’s your girl.

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