Lily James’ Quotes About Rebelling & Making Mistakes Goes Viral After

Lily James‘ quote about how she makes mistakes “all the time” amid her now infamous photos with Dominic West is going viral.

In a video series for Harper’s Bazaar UK, given just one month before the photos emerged, Lily spoke about being rebellious in her past and making mistakes.

“I feel I’ve rebelled in that way, I was always a rebellious teenager and I think it’s important to rebel in that way. I think criticism can be good if it’s constructive but I feel like if it’s attacking you or a vendetta that’s really difficult but I’m still learning,” she said. “I’m still figuring it out but I do think I can grow and develop a thicker skin. All that matters is those who love you.”

She said she makes mistakes “all the time.”

“That’s what life is about,” she added. “I would never want to run away from a situation or be too scared to act. I think that it’s better to throw yourself in and make mistakes with an open heart.”

Dominic West and his wife released a statement after the photos of him and Lily went viral.

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