Lorraine labelled ‘desperate troll’ by furious viewers as she asks Meghan Markle’s first love if he’s ‘the one that got away’

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Lorraine Kelly has been slammed by viewers for asking Meghan Markle's ex whether he was "the one that got away".

Joshua Silverstein, who dated Meghan when they were just 13 and was her first boyfriend, was a guest on Lorraine on Tuesday morning where he spoke about being proud of her for her courage in speaking out about racism during her Oprah Winfrey interview.

But towards the end of the chat, Lorraine angered viewers who labelled her a "troll" for telling Joshua: "I know she's got a prince, but I honestly think you're the one that got away."

One person tweeted: "Who says that type of bulls**t. This man is happily married and so is Meghan and this was someone she 'dated' almost 30 years ago. Lorraine is a desperate troll."

Someone else fumed: "Wtf is wrong with Lorraine Kelly ? How she going to tell Joshua, Meghan’s boyfriend she had when she was young teenager, that he was the one that got away. The dude is happily married with kids as is Meghan. Embarrassing #Lorraine"

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who has previously appeared as a guest on Good Morning Britain and This Morning discussing Meghan and Harry's claims about racism in the Royal Family, praised Joshua for his response to Lorraine's question.

She tweeted: "Digging for dirt on #MeghanMarkle#Lorraine interviews Meghan's teen boyfriend. Why? I suspect @lorraine ratings must be dead in the water to stoop so low. Brilliant response by Joshua Silverstein to @reallorraine referring to him as 'the one who got away'. Do Better Lorraine."

Joshua, who is also married, laughingly shut down Lorraine's question by saying: "Her and Harry make an amazing couple, I definitely could not have found anyone more amazing than my wife Cynthia, she’s the perfect partner for me and without her I wouldn’t have my three children.

"I’m sure that Meghan is very much happily married with Harry."

He also added that his wife was "thrilled" to have a connection with the Royal Family and said: "My wife has been really obsessed with the Royal Family history and now I know someone who is part of that narrative she’s very excited."

Lorraine viewers criticised her for including an interview with an ex of Meghan's from so long ago, especially in the same week as her third wedding anniversary to Prince Harry.

One viewer tweeted: "Just let them live and stop scraping the barrel for crumbs. It's crap like this that makes them get the grief they do. Turning off."

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