Love Island’s Antigoni Buxton reveals Davide connection and cut romantic cooking scene

She’s been on and off our screens faster than you can say, "I’ve got a text!". Still, singer Antigoni Buxton certainly left her mark on the Love Island villa – and she hasn’t been shy about spilling the beans since she came home, either.

"Jacques is actually a massive softie and a real sweetheart," the 26-year-old tells OK!. "He’s not the laddish rugby boy they’re depicting him to be.

"Paige will entertain Adam because she’s such a flirt. And Luca likes Gemma more than she likes him – he’s literally obsessed with her!"

Antigone also let us in on some juicy unaired scenes that took place between her and Italian stallion Davide Sanclimenti, 27, in the villa kitchen, "We taught each other how to cook. I made him tzatziki – it was so cute!"

Though she might not have found The One – despite feeling chemistry with both Davide and Scottish trainer Jay Younger, 28 – Antigoni left the Majorcan villa with magical memories, long-lasting friendships and an enviable tan.

Here, she opens up about what the future holds for the remaining couples and reveals which current Islander recently called her “fit” on Instagram…

Hi, Antigoni! What’s life been like since leaving the Love Island villa?

It’s been amazing! It’s strange when people come up to me on the street to say hello but I love it. I’ve had such a lovely welcome back to reality.

You left following a vote from the boys. How did that feel?

I know the lads had a difficult decision to make, so there’s no hard feelings. But I was really disappointed afterwards – and very delirious as the dumping happened around 5am! But I do believe that the universe meant for me to leave at that time. Everything happens for a reason.

It seemed to be between yourself and Danica to go home. Do you think it should have been her?

I appreciate that everyone has to put themselves first on Love Island but Danica made it really difficult for me when she chose to couple up with Jay, as it meant that there were then two sets of friendship couples, instead of one. Charlie and I were never going to crack on but Jay and I had potential, so I could have been saved. It was a tricky situation to be involved in but at the end of the day, I’m not one to hold a grudge. I’m happy for Danica that she got a chance to stay in the villa, as she told me she’d been trying to get onto the show for years, and it’s been great seeing her personality finally start to come through.

Tell us some behind-the-scenes gossip…

Once I left, I saw a lot of comments saying I’d barely even spoken to Davide – but we spent so much time together and could have had a romantic connection. We taught each other how to cook. I made him tzatziki and he promised to make me tiramisu. It was so cute but then I got booted off. The producers have a storyline agenda, so if you don’t fit with that, you don’t get shown.

Whose Casa Amor behaviour were you most surprised by?

I was in complete shock watching what Dami and Jacques were getting up to but I absolutely knew they’d soon come crawling back with their tails between their legs. Both Dami and Indiyah, and Jacques and Paige were such strong couples – they were each into each other in very natural, sweet ways. They clearly just got swept up in the thrill of a boys’ holiday – they all egged each other on, it was pathetic!

We saw cracks start to appear in Jacques and Paige’s relationship before his departure. What are your thoughts on them as a couple?

The side they showed on TV was miles away from what Jacques is really like. They’re depicting him as a laddish rugby boy but he’s actually a massive softie and a real sweetheart. One night when they were forced to stay in separate beds, Jacques set up a pillow on the floor between the two of them so they could keep holding hands! I think he just has some emotional growing to do to prove he is good enough for her. Whether he can do that, I’m unsure.

Do you think now Jacques has left the villa Paige might be tempted by Adam?

You can never predict anything on Love Island but I do think that Jacques has got Paige’s heart. She’ll entertain Adam because she’s such a flirt but you can tell she’s got something special with Jacques, so I think she’ll stick with him.

Andrew and Tasha seem to be in a roller-coaster relationship. Do you think they’re genuine?

When I was in the villa, Andrew and Tasha were 100% one of the strongest couples, so I was gobsmacked to see their Casa Amor saga. They seem to have found their way back to one another but as soon as Adam went into the villa, I just wanted to scream, “Stay focused, Tasha!”.

The Casa Amor girls tried to sway Andrew away from Tasha. Was there any truth in what they said about her?

Their behaviour was completely out of order! They should have left the other girls out of it. They didn’t need to take Tasha down to bring themselves up. It was so unfair. None of the things they’d accused her of saying behind Andrew’s back were true.

Is there anyone in there you think could be playing a game?

I saw Luca was accused of being fake but he’s definitely not faking his feelings for Gemma – he’s literally obsessed with her! I do think he likes her more. She does really like him but it’s slightly more one-sided.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

In hindsight, I wish I’d pursued things with Davide. We’re both very proud people – I think it’s the Mediterranean in us – so we didn’t want to seem too keen on each other. But after watching it back and seeing the conversations he was having with the boys about me, he did seem very interested in me.

Would you have been tempted by Adam coming in?

There was a photo of me on my friend’s Instagram the other day and he replied to it calling me fit and then followed me! So, we’ll see if he slides into my DMs when he’s out…

What’s next for you?

Dating-wise, I’m open. I might have given out my number a couple of times since leaving the villa. I’m also releasing my first single, Up Next To Me, soon.


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