Maddie Poppe Reflects on Her Uncomfortable & Embarrassing ‘Voice’ Audition & What It Taught Her in the Long Run

Maddie Poppe has opened up about her experience auditioning for The Voice, and now, she’s reflecting on how it taught her to never give up on her dreams.

The -year-old past American Idol winner took to her Instagram Stories after coming across the song that was picked for her for the audition.

“I didn’t sing well and felt really uncomfortable, didn’t get a chair to turn, was shown on national television and thought that was the end of my career,” Maddie confessed. “It was so embarrassing and as I watched everyone else dominate on that show, I thought I could never measure up to compete on a platform like that.”

She adds that the experience helped her persevere and keep going, too.

“My point is, you never ever know when you ‘YES’ is coming. I thought that was the end for me. Didn’t ever think I’d get another chance. Never ever give up,. You’ll hear 100 ‘no’s before you get that yes, but if you never give up, no doubt you’ll get it some day.”

Preach it, Maddie!

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